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Please support the men and women in your local fire and police departments during this very difficult time. They are the front line along with medical services and we all owe them a great deal of gratitude. The Night Police hope you'll consider supporting these heroes across the nation and here at home!

This from The Sunnyvale Police & Fire Foundation, here in California's bay area.

March 27, 2020

Greetings, We write this in the hopes that you and your family are staying healthy in this time of global uncertainty.  While the general public shelters in place, we continue to respond to their calls for assistance.  The Department and PSOA have placed many procedures in place and work to continue improving our everyday safety.  However, there are certain things they cannot assist with.  If you or someone else at DPS is in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out.  If we aren't able to help, we'll do what we can to find the help somewhere.  Established as a tax-exempt non-profit organization at the end of 2018, The Sunnyvale Police & Fire Foundation was formed to provide financial assistance and mobilize coworkers and friends to help in times of crisis by doing practical things such as covering shifts, delivering meals, organizing child care, etc. We are working on securing additional funding, through grants and corporate donations, to better offer assistance.  In the meantime, internal support from within DPS would go a long way. WAYS TO MAKE A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION:

Any questions can be directed to any of the board members: Kirk Kim, Spencer Chen, Marianne Siu, Scott Isaacs, or Ryan Huihui.   Stay healthy and look after one another.  Executive Board

The Sunnyvale Police & Fire Foundation P.O. Box 71001 Sunnyvale, CA 94086 501(c)(3) Tax ID: 83-0818201

Be safe out there, you ARE appreciated.


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