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Order The Night Police - Beyond The Call Of Duty on Amazon

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

LIVE ON Amazon: Pre-Order Book Sales for The Night Police's Chris Berg and Paul James Smith's debut offering

Authors Chris Berg and Paul James Smith ( announce the upcoming March 2020 book sale launch and pre-orders for their new book, The Night Police - Beyond the Line of Duty on Amazon - Click Here To PRE-ORDER.

In this gritty, police procedural, you'll meet the dangerous men that are The Night Police, the street monsters amongst their peers. This true-crime inspired, debut book by two veteran lawmen provides a peek through the keyhole into the professional and private lives of the men and women who rode out the final chapters of the millennia. Never politically correct, the hard edges have not been ground smooth to avoid abrasive thoughts or suspect tactics. Read more about the story - click here.

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The Night Police - Beyond The Line Of Duty Reviews:

"I love THE NIGHT POLICE's authentic feel. It propelled me along a harrowing journey into the unseen world of adrenaline and pursuit that left me wanting more!"

- Andrew Peterson, Internationally bestselling author of the Nathan McBride series

"Fascinating, gut-wrenching, highly entertaining…a rare tale that this reader will not forget. It reads like the truth…an amazing novel."

- The editors at BookBaby

"Once you pick up THE NIGHT POLICE, you'll have a tough time putting it down! The tales are apt to leave you with the same odd sensation in the pit of your stomach felt by the cop who lived to tell the tale…"

- Rob Hanley, Former writer at The Los Angeles Times; Editor at The San Diego Union-Tribune

"This is a work truly difficult to put down, even in the moments that rend the heart and soul. So immersive is the writing that the reader cannot help but feel transported into the screaming police cruiser, amidst the fog of war, and back again to the duo of relief and melancholy at the end of watch. We hear the author's voices, their shouts and laughter and tears translate as clearly and cleanly as if we were in the mix alongside them.

At its core, the gift of this writing is empathy for our guardians, if only a sliver. For even now, THE NIGHT POLICE have the watch, and we owe our relative tranquillity to them."

- Charlie Gris, Buffalo, NY

Advance Reader

"Are you game to be transported into the lives of THE NIGHT POLICE? How does it really feel to be in their boots, to feel the other side only the inner circle knows? Reading the experience from the point of view of THE NIGHT POLICE themselves is an exceptionally rich experience.

In some places it hurts and stuns. It's funny, poignant and at times, bizarre. By the final chapter you may even question yourself for any separation you may have felt between them and us".

- Randy Kirwan, San Rafael, CA

Advance Reader


"A great job by Berg and Smith. THE NIGHT POLICE is in the vein of Michael Connolly and the gritty deeds done by his Harry Bosch character.

Truly a page-turner. The sensory descriptions were real, the sounds and smells put you on the beat with THE NIGHT POLICE."

- Tom Stuhlreyer, Milwaukee, WI

Advance Reader

"I reviewed the book as a 30 plus year veteran cop from a major metropolitan police department, and I can tell you THE NIGHT POLICE is on target with every salvo beginning to end. The book accurately portrayed the path of a cop's career from bright-eyed rookie to grizzled veteran. Parts of the book we're told in such a way that it brought me back to scenes from my career and brought an unexpected rush of emotions, good and bad.

I had to put it down at times to process old feelings, and it reminded me of the deep bond that forms between cops, a bond that lasts a lifetime. When I finished, all I could say was, "Wow, man... wow!"

- Sgt. Brett Linden, San Jose PD, Retired

Advance Reader


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