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Police Officers, EMTs, and Fire Service

There is a unique bond between law enforcement and emergency responders.

Serving the public and working together on emergency calls, the men and women of law enforcement, emergency responders/EMTs, and fire services come together under the worst situations. They meet under stress and high adrenaline and work together to manage terrible accidents and tragedies. They work together through difficulties to help and restore our communities and lives.

The Night Police salute our emergency response partners and celebrate the work and efforts of our friends and supporters who provide these services to our communities. We are proud to work beside them in the field and are grateful for their work and what they do for us.

We are certainly more than moved when we see the enormity of the job our EMTs and

Firefighters' have done this summer. The wildfires in the Western United States, including areas where we have family and friends such as California and Washington, we are ever so thankful for the men on the frontlines of this horrific fire season. And the response to the Hurricanes and devastating storms in the South and East has been heroic. We are moved by all they have faced. We dedicate this blog to you! Thank you to the men and women who respond to emergencies and for your service and dedication to the people you serve.

About The Night Police:


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We would love to get to know readers, especially those fellow police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and emergency responders, so please follow us for book updates, events, and specials - Click Here. Book Club News is available @


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