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The Night Police YouTube Playlist

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Songlist inspired by THE NIGHT POLICE's newest novel THE BLEEDING

Hear the music that inspired the cops who owned the night, who dominated the streets.

Visit THE NIGHT POLICE Authors Chirs Berg and Paul Smith YouTube Playlist to hear the music behind the novel THE BLEEDING. These songs echo the spirit of the lawmen who rode out the final chapters of the millennia and dominated after nightfall.

Policing in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The raw, unvarnished truth. Hear the music that fueled the cops who owned the night, and who dominated the streets.

MUSIC PLAYLIST BY Chris Berg and Paul James Smith

The Night Police Series, THE BLEEDING is true-crime fiction told by

two cops who have been there.

"Sheet lightning fractured the queer, slate gray night. It illuminated a

crimson ribbon, dimpled by fresh rain and spilling from the young lawman."

THE BLEEDING, the second book in The Night Police Novels series, is scheduled for publication soon. The first 12 songs of this playlist correspond chronologically to the events in our novel. The following songs would've been in the vinyl collection put together by the characters themselves.

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