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LEO's, switch to Tac Channel 7

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

The Night Police want to connect with law enforcement officers of all stripes.

Police Officer standing next to his cruiser and talking on the radio

Active, retired, just gimping around, we'd like you to be a friend of The Night Police.

We know a lot of you are writers and most of you are story tellers for sure... that's what we do.

If you want to bullshit, share a story, or maybe you have a great idea that desperately needs to be published in some forum... reach out to us.

We've had an awful lot interest from our brothers in law enforcement and you might be wondering, "Why in the hell can't we post comments to your blog feed?" or "Why didn't you guys build a forum so we could all share what we're thinking?" Good questions.

To be honest we were very close to publishing both elements on The Night Police website, BUT we decided we're writers. We don't curate forums and we're sure as shit not going to moderate discussions on-line. There's lots of evidence, that without tight reins, forums and the like can devolve into bitchers and moaners and haters (oh my)! Again, we want to spend our time writing.

Thats was then....a year later and commenting has been turned on! We'll run with it as long as it is a positive for those who take the time to participate.

We definitely invite law enforcement, family and friends of law enforcement to engage with us via email. We'll read them and we'll respond.

We really hope you'll reach out to Paul and I via email at

Cheers brothers and sisters!

Chris and Paul


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