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Download the Li Po Horror Story

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Chapter One of The Night Police

chinese kitchen
Photo by Craig Whitehead on Unsplash

... "Max’s brain sizzles in response to the gruesome stimuli. Standing in the intense darkness, he hears water dripping in the ancient sink, the single narrow beam of his Kel-light gaudily exposing the victim. He’s assaulted by the gore, the rancid funk and the very, very odd feeling percolating within him. A chill up his spine. He swings the light slowly down towards his feet... "

A teaser, that's what it's called. Why you ask? Not everyone who goes to takes advantage of being able to download a chapter, so we're pointing it out. Go to the bottom of the "Excerpts" section and you'll see this:

Sign up. Go ahead. Simple as that, you'll be able to download the Li Po Horror Story.

We want to entice you to read it and hopefully you'll enjoy it, tell your friends, post it to social media, etc. Can't be any more, as they say, transparent than that.

Editorial note: We don't know who "they" are and we find it more than annoying that everyone is supposed to be transparent about all things at all times. That most assuredly is not a trait of the Night Police.

Head to, grab a copy of "Chapter One". Lock your door and hang on.



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