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Crime Reads Features Chris Berg & Paul James Smith

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Check out The Night Police authors, Chris Berg's and Paul James Smith's article in Crime Reads

Here is an excerpt:

This may come as a surprise to the reading public, but cops enjoy a good mystery, detective story, or police procedural as much as the next avid reader of the genre. You would think we’d get enough of cops ‘n robbers, but we don’t.

Crime fiction is just that. Fiction. The caveat is that to ring true, it needs to be accurate. Even our favorite authors can damage the best of stories when they don’t do their homework or slip in tired clichés about police work.

Firearms, firefights, and gunplay is fertile ground for the crime writer. We get that. We understand the need for the dramatic, though in real-life most cops will do a career without shooting someone. A gunfight is far more interesting than an hours-long, door-to-door canvas, hoping to find a witness who might shed light on an investigation. READ MORE CLICK HERE

About The Night Police:


If you can’t get enough of true crime podcasts, documentaries, and police procedurals, former law enforcement officers Chris Berg and Paul James Smith have written a book that you’ll be unable to put down. The Night Police (March 24, 2020) is a no-holds-barred, unflinching fictionalized version of real events that Berg and Smith experienced firsthand during their time in law enforcement in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. A look behind the curtain of the gritty world of policing, this is a book that will have readers turning pages and leave them wanting more. Click Here To ORDER BOOK

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